The Space Needle

Touchscreen city explorers

Project Background

UI + Visual Designer

The Space Needle

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Canon 60D

Creature (Creative Direction), Interaction Designer, Project Manager, Visual Designer (Me), 2 Developers, Microsoft Photosynth Engineers

Stimulant created two touchscreen exhibits that make Space Needle visitors’ experiences more rich and informative.

The first experience, the "360° Teleporter", features dreamlike, immersive Microsoft Photosynth walkthroughs of famous Seattle sites that most visitors can’t usually experience, produced by Seattle agency Creature. From swimming through the Seattle Aquarium’s octopus tank to being in the locker room of the Seattle Sounders, visitors not only get exclusive peeks inside local landmarks, but also are oriented to where they are in relation to the Space Needle’s observation deck.

The second interactive, "Zoomable City", features a rich gigapixel panorama of the entire city, shot from the Space Needle’s own spire by Gavin Farrell. Visitors can pan and zoom in to incredible levels of detail using a custom-made viewing application, and explore a vast array of historical, cultural and “locals-only” landmarks.

Responsibilities — I was responsible for the look and feel and UI for both kiosks. I also directed and edited the final project video below.


360° Teleporter

360° Teleporter takes advantage of Microsoft’s Photosynth technology to give visitors unprecedented access to sites throughout the Seattle area, some of which include swimming through Seattle Aquarium’s octopus tank, walking from the Seattle Sounder’s locker room onto the field along side the starting eleven, and even getting rare access of one of Seattle’s famous Lake Union house boats.

Responsibilities — I worked directly with the client at The Space Needle and Creature Design Seattle, who was responsible for the Creative Direction of the entire experience. I primarily worked in Adobe Illustrator for all UI elements.

This screen allows visitors to pan and zoom a large gigapixel image and select various points of interest. Each thumbnail featured a short animation.
Seattle House Boats
Inside the Seattle Sounders huddle
Inside the Seattle Sounders locker room
Inside the tank at the Seattle Aquarium
Catching a fish at Pike Place Market
Swimming with an octopus

Sharing Progress

I shot this video to share our progress with the client and as a short teaser for our website. Sharing progress early and often helped to mitigate last minute changes.



Zoomable City

Zoomable City is a gigapixel 360° panorama of the entire city of Seattle. The image was shot from the top of the Space Needle’s spire. Visitor’s can pan and zoom in to incredible levels of detail using a custom-made viewing application, and explore a vast array of historical, cultural and “locals-only” landmarks.

Responsibilities — I designed all of the UI in collaboration with our UX Designer and under Creature Seattle's creative direction.

This screen allows visitors to quickly jump to landmarks without having to search for them in the giga-pixel image.